Stepping back

I don’t keep tracking, honestly, but some weeks ago (months, maybe?) I deactivated my Twitter account and before I already did it with my Facebook account too. The main reason for this step back was the time consuming of these networks require of me, and why not to say, some kind of addiction that I have developed. The first thing I used to do after sitting back in front of my computer was open Twitter when I was distracted by some tasks, I came back to do it…

The best friend of the procrastination 🤝

It’s myself. Yes, the best friend of my procrastination it’s me, not Twiter, neither any other social network. I installed a Time Tracking service some time ago, but I have figured out how to handle it yet, the service is ActivityWatch, it’s Open Source and free. But I’m pretty sure that I dedicated many hours per week to being lazy over there.

Procrastination can be funny and, in the end, everyone does it, but the professional procrastinators have so much pain, I consider myself one of them. We are in pain because we blame ourself constantly about the thing that we should do and we have postponed or just forget for being losing our time.

More regrets 🤦‍♂️

Besides that, using Twitter produced me a constant regretting, even I had never deleted a twit. But, I see myself in many situations that I could save for twitting something or answering someone. And if that was not enough, the amount of silly stuff that you can see on Twitter daily, angry people arguing and dramatising that you live every day makes me anything good. I understand that there are people that like that, and even I recognise that it has many positive aspects, I meet very nice people there, I kept contact and relationships with people that I met in RealWorld™️ and we kept in contact by Twitter, and even I had the chance to devirtualise someones that I met in the network. But the personal sacrifice was bigger, it did not compensate, so the decision is done.

I’ll be back 🕶️

As Terminator says (see Spanish translation of this post for funnier comparison), I’ll be back, everything is not evil in Twitter and I’m pretty sure that there is a good way to use it, but right now I’m not ready for doing it, I said goodbye at the French way and now I’m ready to talk about it. This is not a dramatic revelation after all. Everything is ok, I’m ok, Twitter is ok, but I have postponed this decision for a long time, precisely due to my procrastination power.

How do we keep in contact now? 🤙

Well, if you want to keep in contact with me, you surely are already, by any of slack channels where I’m active (we’ll talk about it later), by phone, WhatsApp, mail or smoke messages. By now, I’ll try to reactivate the blog (if anytime has been active), and focus on writing some technical articles that I have in mind.

So, if you like what I write, or you just want to stalk me, subscribe to my blog, keep a comment or send me an email.

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