Learning deconstruction 📚

I have been involved in a very hard learning process for a few weeks. I’m trying to get up to date with ES6+ (EcmaScript 6 and higher versions), React.js, Node.js and MongoDB. I’d like to don’t rely on what I know (WordPress, PHP, jQuery, etc.) and focusing on other technologies.

Why choosing the MERN Stack? 🖥

MERN Stack means the set of technologies corresponding to the MERN acronym, MongoDB, Express.js, React.js and Node.js.

There is a lot to choose to learn, and the worst thing is almost everything is interesting for me. I valued the option of focusing on other backend languages, such as Python or Ruby and learn any of his frameworks, like Django or RoR. Likewise, in frontend there exist so many JavaScript frameworks that you can play to the Russian roulette using random dictionary words. Whose seems more interesting to me were Vue.js and Angular.js, which I don’t put away to tackle anytime.

I choose this stack, mainly, because of his relationship with what I already know (WordPress), especially React.js, what is the most disruptive part of the picture. Also, it is something new, relatively speaking, but stable, I thought that it can be here for a while, mostly after the first mellowing years.

So, I choose it for using it complementary with my knowledge and expertise.

Next steps 🚶🏻‍♂️

For being able to reinforce my knowledge, I’ll be writing a post series about subjects that are hard for me to understand, or that introduces a new way of thinking or just I like it.

At the moment, my communication strategy will be 0, I’ll begin publishing in the blog, just for me and no one else, I won’t share them on social network (although the only network that I keep active is LinkedIn).

If you want to know why I quit almost all my network profiles you can take a look to the article “Stepping back”

Another step will be to completely renew the site, but I’m still thinking if I have courage enough to do it by myself creating a Material Design site, using Styled Components, or grabbing some ideas somewhere, or just asking for professional help and order the design to someone who knows.

After the visual renovation, it will be time to add more content. Although I’m already an Online Teacher at OpenWebinars and soon in other platforms, I’d like to have my own Courses section, handle them directly and create something different to what I offer in other platforms.

Finally, I’d like to have an editorial calendar where I’ll create content systematically, maybe a post per week, and talk about the subjects that I’m learning, or that I already know or I’d like to know. I’m always thinking on keep this blog with a professional look, and I’ll try, as far as possible, to don’t speak about personal things.

About keep translating the content to English, I’m going to do it and maybe, sometime in the future, English will be the only publishing language of this site, but for now, I want to make it easy and publish in Spanish and English for reaching the maximum amount of people (without advertising) 🤦🏻‍♂️

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