Images issue in WordPress

Today I’ve found the solution to a very absurd error, but it’s of this kind of issues that makes you leave the keyboard for hours after try everything.  It isn’t a newest solution, even it isn’t a hard problem to solve, but I will take advantage to write something in the blog.

The issue

To get on stage, I had to do some migrations today from outside of our platform to independent WordPress installations. I take advantage to emphasize the importance to get a good hosting service, the basic hosting services as or 1&1 make practically an odyssey to work with WordPress installations.

Alright, in the moment to migrate, I normally use wp-cli if I just have to migrate content, as usual, or some plugin like Duplicator or BackUpWordPress to entire sites. In this case with, nothing of this works, then, I had to search other ways. I enter in the target site database, through phpMyAdmin, and do a dump of the whole database there, then I upload manually the uploads folder through FTP with CyberDuck. Nothing new by the moment.

Then, I discover that the images don’t show, it appears the resource, in fact it has been created in the database even, but it shows nothing:

No aparece la imagen

What to do now?

I think in that wonderful plugin that it helps us so much, Regenerate Thumbnails that belongs to the essential plugin for every developer, Developer. After run the plugin, enough images have been recovered, but there are a lot of them that don’t appears yet.

The detail and the solution

Some days after, concretely a Friday at 14:00, the ? lights. It was everything to realize that the images were linked to the thumbnail instead of the original. So, I checked it out what sizes were configured for the different thumbnails in the target blog and what sizes in the original blog. You can reach out this configuration in Settings -> .Media:


The Regenerate Thumbnails plugin doesn’t works at all if you have different sizes that the original ones. So finally, the images appears and everybody is happy.

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